Thursday, October 12, 2017

Evie's First Field Trip!

Last week Rowan and I got to chaperone Evie on her first field trip!  Her class went to Cal's, a local nursery that has a little petting zoo and pumpkins in the Fall.  We go almost every year to pet the baby cows and goats so Sis was extra excited to go back!

The whole thing was so darn cute.  Evie loved her first bus ride!  We always count buses on our way to school every day, so getting to actually ride one was kind of a dream come true for her.  On the way home she bumped her head on the window when we went over a bump in the road.  She rubbed her little head and told me "him is a caaaaazy ziver!"  Little cutie.  These 3 year olds, they can be such little devils, but man are they adorable!  Can't get enough.

Here are some pics from our day!

- K

So excited to get on the bus!!

None of our bus selfies turned out that well, but it was a RARE moment of actually wanting to take pictures for Sis, so I had to document.  ;)

Baby cows!

Feeding baby goats!

 This girl and her posing!  She's either all in or all out...with pretty much everything.

Her whole cutie class.  Preschoolers are the best.

Back in the car and waiting for Big Sis!  Evie's class gets out an hour before Lyla, so snacks in the car is our T/Th ritual.  :)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Boy

My boy.  I still can't get over those words.  I have a baby boy!  And it's magic.  I feel like I can usually find all the gushy words to sum up how I'm feeling about my babies, but I've been trying to write this post for over a month now and words just don't measure up to these big emotions.  People were right when they said there's something special about boys.  Of course every one of my babies is special, but there really is something different about a boy.  As soon as they put him on my chest, I could feel it.  He was my boy.  And I was so in love.

The last 3 months with this sweet boy have been the best 3 months.  It's funny how your family can seem so complete until you add another baby, and all of a sudden you can't even remember life before them.  I could live forever in these days of having his little warm body curled up on my chest, that sweet breath, buttery skin, knuckle dimples, rubber band's all too good.  My kind of heaven. 

But toddling one year olds, silly two year olds, and chatty three year olds are their own kind of heaven too.  Can't wait to see all the fun he has in store for us!  Plus I could use a lesson or two on dinosaurs and Tonka trucks.  ;)

Here are some photos from his very first bath at home!  Can't believe how he's grown already!!

- K

Yes, that's a pink towel with flowers.  And, yes, that has since been remedied.  ;)  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This past weekend we had Grammy and Papa in town, and it was the first time Papa got to meet our Rowan.  When Grammy was in town right after Rowan was born, Lyla requested to have Papa come out for his birthday so she could plan him a surprise birthday party.  He came, but the surprise party wasn't much of a surprise.  Or a party.  More like just dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  ;)

It was a fun and very busy weekend.  Rowan showed off all his cuteness and the girls showed off their screaming lungs and every range of emotions.  Sometimes I'm just a little surprised that people continue to visit us and our crazy.  Gotta love family.  :)

Here are some pictures from the few days.  Thanks for coming, and for all the help!!

- K

Meeting the boy!

Look at that smile.  So cute I could die.

Cheesecake Factory!

Sever's Fall Festival.  The chicks LOVE this corn pit!

Pig races at the Fall Festival

And camel rides!

Check out those legs and kicks.  So many heart eyes.

Taking Lyla to Kindergarten.  She repped the Broncos that day.  ;)

After school we headed to Lake Calhoun for the greatest adventure of all time.

Adventure #1: Duck chasing

Adventure #2: Baby turtle spotting

Baby turtle!

These little guys were crawling out of a hole in the ground and running for the lake water.  They were so cute!

Sis and her "turtle team"

Adventure #3: Peddle Boating

I could eat that boy.

Adventure #4: Kayaking!

Adventures not pictured: Trying to find a parking spot, lunch (always a fun adventure trying to get kids to eat), swimming at the beach, playing at the park, collecting valuable treasures such as sticks, rocks, and bird feathers.

Making pancakes before preschool with Grammy!  :)

I think Sis saw geese...I'm not sure what Lyla is doing.

Last morning with Papa before they had to go.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Fairest Weekend (and Unfairest Blog Post) of Them All

OK, this is the deal.  A week or more ago I spent a precious 2 hours of time writing this blog.  I say a precious 2 hours because I mean a precious 2 hours.  Every minute counts these days in getting anything done, but instead of doing something I needed to do I did something I wanted to do...because sometimes you get to make that choice.  Then after those 2 hours were done the blog refreshed and...blank screen.  There was nothing.  No words.  No pictures.  Wasted Time. 

There was rage and fury on my part but I think I managed to hold back the tears.  I have not, however, been able to let go of my grudge towards this blog or the internet or modern technology in general.  The problem is, I can't just never post these pictures because I do want the memories recorded.  So I guess they're just not going to be as pretty as they originally were because (I don't think I've ever said this overused saying before but) I. Just. Can't.  #bitterpartyofone ;)

Anyways, here's the long and short of it:

A) Ryan's friend, Jeff, came into town.  We went to the State Fair and ate too many chocolate chip cookies.  It was very fun.

B) The next day Jeff left and Goan came to watch the handsomest tiny man in the history of the world so we could take his big sisters to Valley Fair (nearby amusement park) for one last hoorah before school started.  It was a blast and much deserved for those little cuties.  They've been the best little helpers, and have handled waiting around while mama tends to the baby and being quiet while baby sleeps and being careful because baby is a baby so much better than I thought they would.  It was so nice to get a little break from all that and just be silly and loud and crazy for an afternoon.

Here are some pics!  :)

- K

State Fair!

Valley Fair!